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  1. You know when you hit a topic you're comfortable with.

    It’s been a while Yeah I know What’s up with that? You know? Know? No? No, no? Oh. Well I’ve been doing other stuff. Stuff? Bits and bobs. Oh. You? Yeah you know, stuff. Hmm? Out and about. Really? Anywhere nice. What’s that? Ha...

  2. Dispersal

    They should have listened to the warnings, they should never have got on the ark.

  3. In sickness and in health.

    It didn’t seem monotonous to him, especially now he had his Murray M17-42 variator drive garden ride on tractor, aka the mother of all mowers. He could go up and down that lawn all day, and if it meant another hour’s peace then that could o...

  4. Dead Batteries

    Ronsonol: There are some stones on the table over there. (He points with his nose) Siris: Perhaps the lighter will do. (He picks up the lighter and takes a photo) Ronsonol: Don’t you think that the dirty socks will jump? Siris: It is clear to me that...

  5. Left Behind

    There wasn’t enough room for me. I have just become a member and stumbled across the six word novels. The above is my rather belated attempt!

  6. Meeting

    1. Good afternoon Mr…. 2. George 1. Ah very well, George nice to meet you please take a seat. 2. Thanks. 1. So George… 2. John 1. Your name is John? 2. Yes 1. Your name is John George 2. Yes 1. Well John, may I call you John? 2. Yes 1. Good, good,...

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