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  1. On the Spider-King of Golmorth and that Land's Location

    The Spider-King of Golmorth was feared far and wide, and rightly so. To put it bluntly, he was a real asshole. Scholars often debate the exact location of Golmorth. The academics of St. Ponley’s University insist it is located far to the north of...

  2. Two Questions Concerning the Wall

    The Wall was built without gates for a reason. Nothing was meant to cross; no easy access to the inside, or outside. Naturally, Man’s obsession since discovering the Wall was finding out what lay beyond. And thus, after blood, sweat and tears (wi...

  3. Where Do They Go?

    Will he take it, thought the landlord. He hoped so. The last tenant hadn’t lasted. He just didn’t understand why they never stayed. The old man who lived there when Murphy had bought the building had been there for more than 30 years. He ha...

  4. Go West Young Man

    “How many are down there?” “Hard to say. At least a dozen.” Peter looked around the room. Five survivors and a dog. They had supplies for 6 months and a safe house that would hold indefinitely. At least it should have. Someone h...

  5. An Account of the Trial and Execution of Phinneus Torque

    Despite the accusations of necromancy and an ill reputation that has lasted long past his death, little evidence exists that Phinneus Torque committed the crimes (against both nature and his fellow man) of which he was accused. Recorded accounts of the...

  6. Prelude to a Betrayal

    “It’s all there.” A large wad of bills rolled across the table. The old man picked it up. “Course it is. Isn’t enough to even bother cheating me on.” Thick and gnarled fingers ruffled through the bills. They remained...

  7. Unhomedtown

    There is a city, and it has a thousand names. I’ve heard some of them before; most are new to me. I know this city. I was born there. All the roads I have walked in my life lead back there. These roads continue on, but I always stop in my hometow...

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