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Ohh how I’ve missed this. This site gave me the motivation I always needed to write and I’ve missed it horribly. By day I work for a newspaper, by night, I delve into the world of CherryPop McGee and assorted Zombies. I wrote her story, which got it’s start in this community, and it’s all done and available on Amazon.com now :)


  1. The Elevator

    “After you, sweetheart,” Ed said to the pretty woman. The lady gave him a shy smile and quickly stepped into the waiting elevator. It was nearly full. There was a dinner party at the Press Club and media types from editors to publishers wer...

  2. The Unbroken War

    Nobody knows how or even why the war began. All they know these days was that it had always been going on. Families were in tatters as father, brother, son came home either in pieces or not at all. Everyone knew someone who suffered loss. It was a part...

  3. The Navigator

    “I think we’re lost Martin.” “Don’t be ridiculous. The Navigator hasn’t steered us wrong yet.” Martin slapped his thigh. “Ha! Get it? STEERED!” he guffawed. Deb rolled her eyes and looked at the unf...

  4. Fear

    What is it about a dark room that scares me? Why do I dread the oppressive dark? My bedroom is familiar and comfortable. I’m surrounded by things I love. My shelves of beloved books line the walls, the lamp is in the same spot it’s always b...

  5. Oh my darling...

    “REACH FOR IT!” Silas screamed above the howling wind. He had tossed a not-quite-long-enough chunk of rope over the side of the basket to the girl dangling below. She struggled to grab it without losing her tenuous grasp on the iron bar tha...

  6. The Invention Room

    In the deepest, darkest corner of the Invention Room, a set of eyes watched. They were a sight unseen, so to speak. The rest of the room was a distraction of shiny contraptions and several miniature dirigibles in various states of completion. Anyone se...

  7. A Clockwork Zombie

    “What’s it going to eat then, eh?” We stumbled around the local mesto, trying to munchy-wunch some lovely brains from any lewdie who happened by. Without knowing why, we were screaming our guttiwuts out, running around and not caring ...

  8. The Hunt for Miss Emily

    Observe the young lady intent on her task. A stream of sparks highlight her face as she ignites her blowtorch with a practiced hand. She leans over the workbench, drops her protective goggles over her eyes, and touches fire to metal. Upon closer inspec...

  9. Cursed

    The curses in my family go back generations. They say a gypsy once had a falling out with one of my great-great-great-greats oh so long ago, but it wasn’t one of those passionate, ‘I spit on your grave!’ type of falling outs. So my fa...

  10. Evil to the Core

    He realized there was a flaw in his plan. A diversion was crucial, but he was without the means of creating one. Thoughts and plans churned in his mind. Each one presented, each one dismissed as he deemed them too risky. His dark, furtive eyes darted b...

  11. The Long Walk

    The door on the other end of the hallway seemed so far away. He leaned his grimy, sweat-drenched face against the cool steel of the entrance and choked back a painful sob. He was nearly there, nearly to safety. But the soul-crushing fear, the frenzied ...

  12. The Last Wish

    The crack of the ball as it smacked against the weathered Louisville Slugger echoed against the old elm trees surrounding the park. He stood at that dusty home plate, frozen in his post-swing stance as he watched that ball soar clean over the centerfie...

  13. Miss Pestilence

    Miss Pestilence knew how to overcome adversity. Her last name was ‘Pestilence’ after all. She’d heard every Four Horseman joke you’d care to dream up and always received them with a gentle laugh that made you feel a born comedia...

  14. 35 chips in every cookie (If I ruled the world challenge)

    “If I ruled the world, Mummy, I would make sure there are 35 chocolate chips in every cookie.” “Not 36?” “No. I think 36 is too many. You can’t taste the cookie then.” “What about 34?” ’Mu-uumy! 34 is not enough!" “Then 35 it...

  15. 35 chips in every cookie (If I ruled the world challenge)

    “If I ruled the world, Mummy, I would make sure there are 35 chocolate chips in every cookie.” “Not 36?” “No. I think 36 is too many. You can’t taste the cookie then.” “What about 34?” ’Mu-uum...

  16. Jigsaw (part 3)

    What he didn’t realize was that she knew there was more to their love than the one aspect. Sometimes, she felt, men could be so short-sighted when it came to a romance. They latched on to one aspect of it and worried that they fell short, or were...

  17. Her

    Dark thoughts flooded his mind as he picked up the blood-stained knife, and walked slowly towards the tree.

  18. The Loophole

    “Yeh called me here?” A tiny, tinny voice warily asked. “Uhhh, did I?” Thomas slurred. He stared incredulously at the two- no just one – little fella in green sitting on the table at his elbow. The little guy was sort of b...

  19. The Porter House

    The huge, creaky house, known as the Porter House, had been abandoned and neglected for as long as anyone could remember. It sat nestled in a grove of gnarled trees with wild, seemingly alive vines creeping closer to the foundation in an attempt to rec...

  20. Corporate Technophobes

    The news came amid cheers and applause. The company had been saved at the last minute by the Corporation. The Corporation would make things better. The Corporation would fix everything that had been broken for as long as anyone could remember. The Corp...

  21. A brief, but tasty life

    It rested near the very top of the mountain. Its darkened, rough skin gleamed and caught the light in what could be considered an appealing manner. Now and then it would be picked up, poked and prodded but it never minded for the hands were always gent...

  22. Open Arms

    She gazed at the screen, reading the text but not really seeing the words. Her mind was racing through every variant, every avenue she could think of to save it. But she met obstacles and roadblocks at every turn. There was nothing she could do. Resign...

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