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Small steps


  1. Hush

    Quiet. Listen. The low rumble of planes, the gentle breeze that runs through the leaves. Do you hear them? Can you hear the heartbeat of the land as it turns, grumbling, sighing at the weight of 7 billion humans living upon it. Can you sense the night,...

  2. Armamentarium

    The tinkling of the bell made the old man lift his head. Nestled within a polite nook among the shelves, he adjusted his glasses curiously. He owned a small underground shop that was filled to the brim with miscellaneous objects; toys that were once lo...

  3. Freedom of Thought

    They were dreamers, dreamers who lived by their own hearts in a strange world. Unadulterated hearts that have not been seen by the One Percent and branded as ‘unfamiliar’, ’ unpredictable’ or ‘unsure’. Cameras follow...

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