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I tell it like it is. My stories are based on truths. Whether they are my truths, my friends/relatives’ or historical ones are for you to decide.


  1. Highschool Reunion - From A Happy Old Biddy's POV

    I love highschool reunions. Always have, always will. I spent weeks having a tux tailored, and I was even on the point of getting a wig to cover my bald patch. Of course, I bought a limo, for this occasion. I sighed with content, for the hall was bette...

  2. Highschool Reunion - From An Angry Old Biddy's POV

    I’ve always hated reunions. Always will. I picked out a plum-coloured evening gown, trying to live up to my eccentric and over the top reputation. Later in the day I had been to Christo’s salon, where my naturally grey hair became raven woo...

  3. Winter Wonderings

    Breaths against a windowpane My fingers all but still Cloth clad in worn out fad To ward off winter’s chill Clinging to aged photos Keeping both my cheeks dry Silence shrouds and even clouds Beats of heart and war cry Withered cheeks are all I feel M...

  4. Sting

    I felt as though a million bees had stung me, even worse. I couldn’t describe it, the feeling of hatred towards someone you used to think was the most wonderful person in the world. The feeling of knowing that all the tears and laughter you had s...

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