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Mostly just trying to force myself to write more often so I get better at it, hopefully, and ideas come a little easier.


  1. Just a Rock

    “What is it, Jack?”, was the question as the younger of the pair tapped at a rock with his foot. “Some kinda crystal or something?” “What? No, it’s just a rock. Stop kicking it. We gotta get going.” The youth s...

  2. Technologic

    “R6-6Y Active..Sensors online..Visuals at 75%..Self-Scan complete..Moderate Damage detected.” A loud ‘clank’ sound reverberated through the small chamber as an arm of the automaton met the floor. “Performing at 53% efficie...

  3. The Confrontation

    Standing before this abomination that could have been spawned only from the deepest areas of fear from a common mind, the mob of children quickly dwindled to a handful, and those that stayed seemed frozen in step. The machine, as if a force of nature, ...

  4. Challenger Approaches

    The group was hardly more than a rag-tag mob of children, the oldest of them being fifteen, and the youngest twelve, all of them more assured than they had any right to be. There they stood simply holding branches sharpened with rocks, eager to meet th...

  5. Crossed

    The rosary dangled to and fro, pinched at the end by the fingers of the only man I could ever consider my rival. Especially now, what with him having kidnapped me and all. He pretty much thought he had the upper hand, though, gun clenched tight in his ...

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