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David is a twenty-six year old illustrator, storyboard artist, and interactive art director currently living in Austin, TX with his girlfriend Tina and cat Mojito. Most days you can find David somewhere around downtown or online. Weekends he is scarcely seen as he hides in his house working on various personal or professional projects.


  1. The Options

    Weeks passed and Jennifer’s condition declined. Mark took responsibility, since he had a record, until we could sort it all out. His arrest was quick. Sorting it out was the problem, though. Things in the basement are hard to comprehend, our opti...

  2. Something New

    There was something new down there… something we couldn’t explain, or express in the words we knew. “Something new” is also lacking in explanation. It was unrecognizable, undefined, inconceivable. It was completely, appallingly...

  3. The Moment Adrian

    Adrian’s oxygen was on empty after her starship was destroyed; rocketing her from the onslaught that had brought death to her home world and her crew. Now the weightless behemoth, twisting around its headless form, began making its way effortlessly t...