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I am a professional writer, of sorts. It’s just that I don’t do fiction. This site gives me the opportunity to try something new.
So, add on!
I have no idea what should happen with my stories. Improve them for me and we’l see what happens.


  1. The TV in the Attic

    Quotes: 1 “ONE of you broke the TV in the attic,” “It DIDN’T just break itself!” 2 “Look, you kids need to figure it out. Either I punish you all or I punish just one of you.” 3 “I didn’t do it!...

  2. Some Surprise

    He got it from a box of Cracker Jacks. It was quite unexpected and it felt, to him, unfair. Somewhow, he always imagined, he get some cool toy, or even a plastic ring he could put on Ginny’s finger. Ginny was cute, with curly blond hair… ...

  3. A Fright

    Mary’s such a whimp. I mean, I know she’s a girl, and all that, but she’s so squeamish. And she smells funny, too. I think it’s all that weird stuff she eats. My mom says it ain’t healthy to eat all that dairy products. Sh...

  4. Match

    Struck a match. The candle was stubborn. Sulfurous flame burned down. Burned down. Burned down. OUCH! Blister. No ice? Too Late. It hurts. And I write with that hand.

  5. Hot Food

    In the alley, Simon sildled past the fat lady splayed out drunk and snoring and smelling like cheap gin. He didn’t want to wake her. He’d done that the last time he’d taken the shortcut, and she was not a pleasant person when awakened...