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I’ve been a “Writer” for about three years now. I’ve taken an assortment of college creative writing classes (CNF, Fiction, News Writing) and write as much as I can (you know how it is). I may write everyday one week, and write twice the next. I have a job, I go to UNH and I like to ski and go to shows.


  1. An even more public image.

    What could I have done? Who have I wronged? Maybe my landlord? That old woman I cut at the grocery store? Running yesterday over in my mind, I gawk at my now-noticeable sagging female body. As my eyes run up the wrinkles of loose, ebony skin, they land...

  2. Lost Jewels (Mature)

  3. HMmmmMMmm

    I’m writing this to prove that the “Featured” pieces are randomly chosen. There’s no way people can read every short that’s put up here, so how can you possibly judge each one? What’s it take to be read on here?

  4. Man's Best Friend

    The last time Claire slept an entire night is further back that she cares to remember. Snores hum from down the hall as the television glows blue and a wet tongue tickles the bottoms of her feet. “What do you think Brian? Should I even bother goi...

  5. Zoom Out

    A tribe named Pullus emerged in the infant years of Earth. These people believed solely in the guidance and reliance of the Chicken. They wore costumes made of livestock hide impaled with thousands of chicken feathers to show their love. The chicken ga...

  6. Luck

    Georgie stepped up to the counter of the limelit Motel 6 lobby and spoke crisply and without a single whim of angst. I’d like a room, please. A single, preferably one on the ground floor; I have a bad leg, and it’s a damned struggle to get ...

  7. The Nose Devil (Mature)

  8. The Nose Devil, pt. 7 (Mature)

  9. The Nose Devil, pt. 6 (Mature)

  10. The Nose Devil, pt. 5 (Mature)

  11. The Nose Devil, pt. 4 (Mature)

  12. The Nose Devil, pt. 3 (Mature)

  13. The Nose Devil, pt. 2 (Mature)

  14. Costumes Don't Work, pt. 4

    She goes for the gold and then tries to settle for bronze when it doesn’t work out. I can’t tell her it’s her fault; she’s a mess, and she ran to him. We all run somewhere on Halloween. We run to our costumes to hide our faces...

  15. Costumes Don't Work, pt. 3

    We go into the next room and she starts crying right away. I pull her head onto my shoulder and see the tears mixed with eyeliner drop onto my lap. Her knees are entangled with mine, my fingers brushing the hair back off her face. I try to console her,...

  16. Costumes Don't Work, pt. 2

    The music is loud, and so are the people. We sit around a coffee table, talking, drinking, smoking, what have you. In the other room, the lights are a bit brighter. People are standing instead of sitting, some playing ruit. At a glance through the maze...

  17. Costumes Don't Work

    It’s supposed to be a costume party, but mine is pretty lame. I was going for Elwood Blues, but I’m settling for Agent K of Men in Black or a simple portrayal of “the Man”, as these were the most common misconceptions. I guess I...

  18. Either Or

    my dog is acting bitchy. she was yawning, so i let her out. she always wants to go outside. yawning means theyre stressed out. i think she gets stressed because our living room’s got two big sliding glass doors, allowing her to snipe out the back...

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