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  1. What Will You Do?

    It was a balmy summer night in 1920’s Chicago, the perfect weather for sleuthing out answers to a wispy dame’s problems. He was one of the top detectives in the city, and always reasonably rewarded for his work. Yes, he had Ace Dick and Pic...

  2. Rumrunners

    Midnight strikes, Chicago changes, the night becomes vibrant. Outrageous young flappers sneak out to meet with their beaus, ready to dance to some jazz and get sloshed to high heaven. They all head for the speakeasies hidden about town, and I’ve ...

  3. And We Posed As A Team

    It was an unassuming link to an otherwise unassuming site, but those first words would change his life forever: "You are one of the top Problem Sleuths in the city . . . You are feeling particularly hard boiled tonight. What will you do?" Why...

  4. Princess Pepper

    As such as our tale continues to flow, our Anne and our fairy are both on the go. They travel by cart and they travel by train, they travel ‘neath sun and they travel ’neath rain. The travel by day and they travel by night, even travel by c...

  5. Another Try!

    “Fine,” said the fairy, “We’ll get you a lass.” “Of fine ample bosom and fine rotund ass?” The fairy wilts but nods for it is her job, getting young girls their Prince Hanks and Prince Bobs and sometimes their ...

  6. All Things in Rhyme

    Anne is a gentle, unfortunate girl, who’s life has been smooth as her bouncy blond curls. Orphaned at eight and soon ward of the state, quickly pawned off to an Sir Gerald Hoff in need of cheap hands for manual labor to work on his lands . . . bu...

  7. Foxy Detective

    There was always plenty of work to be found in Rhubarb City. Sure, the streets were clean and the lawns clipped and green, but when night fell, a foray into the back alleys presented an array of pain and profit. Plenty of strays and runaways who had le...

  8. Just Tinsel?

    Tinsel was an adorable mess. Her brother and best friend, Couscous, was missing! Just like Yams! Just like Tabasco! She mewled and cried and searched the whole house for him, but she could not find him. Tinsel ran back to Mother, who had (oddly) decide...

  9. Tinsel and Couscous: Kitty Detectives

    There was once a pair of kittens; their names were Tinsel and Couscous. Tinsel was a fluffy young kit, with gray fur and yellow eyes. Her brother, Couscous, was a sleek blond tabby with yellow eyes as well. They were each other’s constant shadow ...

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