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I’m a comics creator and freelance illustrator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Comic Art. I feel it’s important that you know that last part, because I’ll be paying for that piece of paper for the remainder of my days.


  1. Intro to Physics

    Professor Benning glanced up from his notes. He thought perhaps one of the fluorescent lights overhead had burned out in a brilliant last gasp. Most of the students were staring out the lecture hall windows. He cleared his throat, trying to draw their ...

  2. The Ruins of Heaven

    Tears brimmed her eyes as she surveyed the graceful spires, domes and towers of Honor, and she gripped the marble banister as dread wracked her frail form. All would be laid waste by the grim god that brooded over his prey, growing nearer by the night....

  3. Pardoned

    The crisp, cool breeze ruffled his hair. He could smell the rich, earthy reek of manure from the nearby farms; it was so much cleaner than the cycle of urine, feces and industrial cleaning solution that had marked the passing of his hours. The gates sl...

  4. Out of the Frying Pan

    After I passed the first tier of concertina-wired fences, I could hear the buzzing of gates closing behind us. I spied muzzle flashes up in the tower. I felt more than I heard heavy-caliber gunfire tossing clumps of turf into the air around me. I pushe...

  5. Not Far Away

    (To the tune of “Iona” from A Celtic Romance by Jeff and Mychael Danna) When the dews of Spring turn to frost And crystalize petals that once were abloom, One warm breath can thaw them like May Not far away Not so far away When grey clouds ...

  6. Bitter

    “He’s just like you, only better."

  7. February

    One warm breath thaws my heart.

  8. Seeds

    Johann dug at the hard-packed soil with the dull edge of his hoe. Sweat, beading on his forehead, dribbled down into his eye. As he dabbed his face with his rough sleeve, he surveyed the field. Birds fluttered overhead, and far beyond them, scuddy clou...

  9. Coin Over Caution

    “Hearken,” Quincey uttered as he drew alongside the caravan master. “We’re not alone, mark me. Draw the wagons into a defensive circle.” The master, perched high upon the leading wagon with reins in hand, gave him an incre...

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