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You remember me.

I draw pictures of strangers on the subway and am always wondering what’s for dinner. I like to write tiny glimpses into someone’s day. I find it very fascinating. I especially like to wonder.

My interests include owls, button collecting, strangers, playing the ukulele, sushi, dive bars, playing checkers, dollhouses, Nancy Drew mysteries, Polaroid photos, unicorns, book swaps, bikes with baskets, red velvet cupcakes, sewing, elves, reading out loud while overlooking the Delaware river, thrift stores, Kung Fu Necktie, records, folk songs, writing at Milkboy, Pabst Blue Ribbon, spontaneous poetry, plaid shirts, and making hats.


  1. "Harold and Maude" in Ten Words

    Suicide obsessed boy falls for geriatric dreamer, hilarious shenanigans ensue.

  2. everything i need

    “I made you a mix tape,” he said as he rummaged frantically through his coat pockets. He extracted a haphazardly folded yellow sheet of paper, unfolded it, and presented it to me with his typical lopsided smile. “This is a mix tape?&#...

  3. red sky in the morning

    I woke up in a rowboat with a makeshift sail stitched of gray uniform fabric. The sky had a hazy strawberries and cream complexion that reminded me it was almost morning. I tried to remember what sailors said about rose colored skies, but the saying el...

  4. listen...to the violent silence

    She was watching him, waiting “You don’t know,” he started, “the silence, its killing me inside. I’m dying. The silence, isn’t it affecting you? Or am I the only one going insane?” The coffee was now resolved to a ring at the bottom of hi...

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