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Jul.08.2010: Back again, I guess. I’ve been avoiding Ficly for some reason. Time to sit down and write again.

Mar.14.2010: I’m back on Ficly after a long time. Into fullscreen minimalist text editors like Q10 and WriteMonkey right now.


  1. Ghosts I-IV

    In the barrenness, I sit alone. The scrubs stetch out into the foothills of the brown mountains, regular punctuation decorating the grey sand. They rustle ever so softly at my feet. I’m daydreaming. I’m not sure why I like this; I guess the...

  2. A baker with blonde hair

    Like some tattered and desperate rebel flag, his dirty, just past the shoulders hair flapped in the wind as he trudged, marking an outpost of character. His equally dirty boots scraped against the road as he walked, the beat of a tired but hopeful patr...

  3. Ready to Go

    Twilight filtered in as we silently crept along. We were close, only two rooms and a stairway between us and the garage. Our run was mostly clear and Jess’ blade downed the parts that weren’t. My hand closed on the doorknob of the garage an...

  4. You Didn't Know

    That was strange. Her desk was usually very neat but it was also filled with her work—papers, notebooks, her laptop. Today was different. The desk was completely clear except for an envelope in the middle. It was small and a very bright white. Sittin...

  5. A Sneeze and a Dead End

    The sound of my stifled sneeze was a faint phut! in the surprisingly muffled room. I stood up on something that felt squishy. Fishing my lighter out and flicking it on, I squinted in the dim illumination. By estimation the room was about 20 by 20 feet,...

  6. Reality Not Far Behind

    I ran. Like a fool I ran. My footsteps clattered behind me like some ghost of a pursuer, but they were the falsity, and reality was not far behind. I took a glance back and upped my pace, bounding up a flight of stairs. At the top, there was a door wit...

  7. Cunning of Foxes

    He was known to most as Mozilla. He was armed to the teeth and not afraid to show the world who he was. Most people respected him, if in a distant way, but some altogether disdained him, mostly in an ignorant and arrogant sort of way. And he was all to...

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