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Scots-born, living Down Under. To greater or lesser extents, I’m a: photographer, artist, writer, astronomer, husband, parent and pedant. I’m quite good at some of them.


  1. 14:14

    14:14 Had to look twice. It didn’t seem right, in some undefined way. 14:14? Come again? How so? A bit of a non-time, wouldn’t you agree? Patently after lunch, but well before afternoon tea, falling somewhere in a temporal chasm, a time-well of non...

  2. Too bad to be life

    Again! Fantasy evaporates into polycotton reality, as per sodding usual. Aaaagh! This torture; will it ever cease? Let it be one thing or the other: either continue the blissful illusion – at least long enough to get to third base – or leav...

  3. Out of time

    Tom watched, aghast, as the faces surged around him. “Not my legs,” he screamed, but the menacing audience roared. His feet, once firmly attached to his shins, were no more; eyes and tongues mocked and stabbed. His knees went the same way, and his ...