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I am a little of everything, writer, blogger, gamer, and geek. Born in the sixties and survivor of the seventies rushing toward the future with towel and book in hand.


  1. Who's Next? Who cares. (Mature)

  2. Cowboy Riptide

    I adjusted my hood, trying to keep the burning rain off my head. The concrete in the alleyway smoked, rain etching patterns in the grime and soot. The contact was an hour late and I needed a smoke. I was here because of Lonny. Well actually, because I ...

  3. Victoria

    Producing a piece of cloth from her sleeve, Victoria carefully wiped the nub of her quill pen. She closed the lid on her pen case and looked across the conference table. ‘Gentlemen, I believe our business is finished, thank you,’ she said, ...

  4. Poolside

    It was the last thing you would expect to find in a swimming pool. We were called out to the house on a saturday morning. I was reading the sports page, drinking a cup of joe, chewing the last donut, when we got the call. Apparently, someone got splatt...

  5. The Mystery of the Missing Girl

    Frank and Joe stopped at the mouth of the alley and looked down. The cracked cobblestones were damp from the moist fog. Frank hunched down and picked up a woman’s broken boot heal. ‘They went this way Joe,’ he whispered, pointing into...

  6. Answer Call

    That damn cell phone was playing that damn song again. I was turning onto the street when my pocket started up that racket. I hate these things, but the kids got ‘em and my wife has one ’just for emergencies’ and they badgered me into...

  7. Seven

    ‘I got a job for us if your interested,’ said Brenner, tossing a bag on the table as he pulled up a chair. ‘How much?’ asks Jimmy, pruning a nail with his switchblade. Dexter and O’Reilly look at the bag and nod. ‘Th...

  8. A Hard Days Night

    Dear Prudence, The night before, I saw her standing there and I had to get back to the long and winding road. I told Polythene Pam don’t bother me, you can’t do that. I should have known better. She said, she said I want to tell you words o...

  9. Sailing the Dream

    The wind shifted and I opened my eyes and took a firmer hold of the tiller. I had dozed off into the dream again. I blinked my eyes and shook my head to clear my mind. It was getting dark and cold, the sun just a diffuse glow on the horizon. With the d...

  10. Tunnel

    I opened the trap door and turned on my flashlight, aiming the beam into the swallowing darkness. A faint dust drifted through the light as I stepped down the short ladder into the tunnel. The grain elevator had been turned off and it was quiet. To the...

  11. Jonnie Survivor (Mature)

  12. Last Pattern in the Sand

    The sun slips toward the distant waterline as the tide starts to rise. I calmly mix more water and sand and let it dribble between my fingers to form another spire. My pile of seaweed is almost gone, but I will have enough. I have plenty of shells for ...

  13. To the Moon (Mature)

  14. Jumper (Mature)

  15. The Next Morning (Mature)

  16. Quitting Time (Mature)

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