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Beauty is the way lines meet to form a picture, the way everything around me began somewhere in the world and it took so many people, more than we could ever dream of, to get everything in this exact position in space and time. Beauty is an idea becoming a reality, a white flag waving as fighting ceases. Beauty is a smile, whether on the face of someone who has been through more than their fair share of hardship or on the face of an innocent child opening his/her eyes for the first time. Beauty is love, and love is beautiful.


  1. As The Willows Wept

    He wrote me a note in invisible ink on a black napkin. The rain washed his still unread words away, but I already knew what it said because of the way he looked at me before he walked to the edge of the cliff and jumped.

  2. The Ripple Effect

    All of the people who’d had an immediate impact on my life, whether I’d known it or not, were there. Then, shimmering in the water I saw the impact that I’d had on their lives as well, as clearly as if I was in a theater. The stranger...

  3. Temporarily Permanent

    two Endings sprung from one Beginning… Everything is so easily changed. every single step changes the whole World. so if even one thing deviates from the original plan of the Universe, does the Whole plan change? and how is there ever Any ...

  4. Lovely

    You look so lovely sitting here inside my head It’s so tempting to just run back to you, jump into your arms, stay there forever. Until I remember that you can’t hold me. You don’t care enough to protect me. How could you protect ...

  5. Finding Concrete Truth in Imagination

    So, there was this girl. When she looked inside her head she saw an entire world made of crisp, beautiful, white paper. Her thoughts were like vivid paints in her hand, and she spread color and imagination to each delicate paper shape. But now, she tri...

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