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  1. Mushroom

    Ernest was a little boy from the town. I didn’t really knew him, but he was alway there, waiting for you around the corner. He was kind of creepy. So Ernest was there, eating of mushroom. - Hum… hello little boy. - … Hello… Want a shroom? - Wel...

  2. Ernest

    While sitting on the bench, watching the cars pass, I saw the flickering light of a lamp post send its photons bouncing on another bench. On that bench was a woman reading a book, a HUGE book. T’was the kind of book you can’t get anymore. Heavy, wi...

  3. Insert title later... I don't have any good one for now :(

    La route défilant sous ses pas à une vitesse d’environ 3 km/h, Ernest respirait l’air frais du mois de septembre. Les mains dans les poches, feuilles virevoltant autour de lui, il espérait que la neige viendrait bientôt. L’automne et...

  4. ...3,2,1 Lift-of

    He felt an acceleration of 4G’s

  5. Drown Under Knowledge

    At first a was a bit reluctant about this idea. I was a bit scared. But at the same time, it was amazing just to think that we had the technology to do this. It was my duty to try, for the good of the humanity. It started slowly, t’was kind of pl...

  6. The Fraudster from London {4}

    At the end of the month, remorses and fear had gnawed him to bone marrow. He didn’t go out, didn’t eat, didn’t shave either. He didn’t even answer the door or the phone. His neighbours had started to worry. Then, by a November e...

  7. The Fraudster from London {3}

    Vincent was now 41 years old, He had been promoted many times and and become the real leader, the loved one, the semi-god of the bank, he was now the banker. His fraud network was rolling at full steam, but slowly, very slowly, remorse were filling his...

  8. The Fraudster from London {2}

    Having finished his supper, Vincent Blavet was inspecting this little piece of paper, this insignificant cluster of fibers that people wanted to pass for checks, they wanted to get exorbitant sum of money with this little piece of paper. They really th...

  9. This should be a sequel to The fraudster from London

    The following story is a sequel to another story, but I made an error, the correct one is there: http://ficly.com/stories/2059 Having finished his supper, Vincent Blavet was inspecting this little piece of paper, this insignificant cluster of fibers th...

  10. The Fraudster from London

    It was a Tuesday, this London bank, one of the biggest, was full of clients coming to deposit their payroll. A compact crowd occupied the place. Vincent, a new clerk, was trying to get through this herd of wild beasts coming to claim their weekly pay. ...

  11. Little Green Men {2}

    -I beg you pardon Sir, he kneels. So the point is the green men are exploited by the settlers, they live in inhuman condition, they are set apart of the rest of the population and thousands of them died starving in their little cardboard houses, childr...

  12. Little Green Men

    -Sir, just as we taught that the human was the only intelligent specie of the galaxy, our psycho-history revealed the existence of a planet on which lives an intelligent race of little green men. -Did you send an expedition to the planet? -Yes, and her...

  13. Hungry

    I ran and jump from roofs to roofs, I turned and got down by an emergency ladder. The allay was dark and I was Hungry! So I slowly walked to the nearest road and there it was, the perfect target. Not to fat and not to skinny. So I sneaked behind him an...

  14. Le Fraudeur De Londre {4}

    À la fin du mois, les remords et la crainte l’avaient rongé jusqu’à la moelle des os. Il ne sortait point, mangeait peu et ne se rasait plus. Il ne répondait à la port ni au téléphone. Ses voisins commençaient à s’inquiéter. Pui...

  15. Le Fraudeur De Londre {3}

    Vincent était maintenant âgé de 41 ans, il avait été promu mainte fois et était devenu le véritable chef, l’adoré, le demi-dieu de la banque, il était banquier. Son réseau de fraudes fonctionnait à plein régime, mais tranquillement, t...

  16. Le Fraudeur De Londre {2}

    Ayant terminé son souper, Vincent Blavet étudiait ce bout de papier, ce vulgaire amas de fibre que des gens voulaient faire passer pour des chèques, ils voulaient faire passer un simple morceau de papier pour une somme exorbitante d’argent. Il...

  17. Le Fraudeur De Londre {1}

    C’était un jeudi, cette banque londonienne, une des plus grosses, était débordée de gens venant déposer leur chèque de paye. Une foule compacte occupait les lieux. Vincent, un nouveau commis, tentait tant bien que mal de se frayer un chemin...

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