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  1. Wombats

    The world was ending, one wombat at a time. They started falling from the sky a few days ago, one by one. There was no direct cause, no opening ceremony. God didn’t come down from the heavens and say “Hey guys, it’s going to start rai...

  2. Drops

    The bottle tumbled from my hand and into oblivion. Liquor and glass shot across the floor. I sat in my chair, looking down at the mess I had made, contemplating the meaning that it held. Even though my mind was swimming in the alcohol’s dull murk...

  3. Acetate discs

    Acetate discs were introduced prior to the second World War. They were used as a means for artists and producers to test the sound quality of audio that was transferred to disc. They weren’t sold for retail. If anything, they were the prototypes ...

  4. King Tucker

    King Tucker was a man who, if defined with one word, would be defined by the word “regal”. He was born to a family that had an exorbitant amount of wealth. His father was a railroad magnate, and his mother was the daughter of a famous hotel...

  5. The Tramps

    The wooden supports shook from the metal-on-metal grinding of train and train tracks. Sparks rained down into the dry riverbed below the rails, and the whistle’s blare filled the air. The cars rushed headlong toward their destination, and after t...

  6. Defective (Mature)

  7. Transit Center

    I boarded the bus at 1:09 A.M. I had no distinct destination in mind, other than the transit center in the neighboring district. It was where diverse bodies from all over the city came and went. I arrived there at 1:21 A.M.. There was no one there. I w...

  8. The Hedge

    Shear Vision Inc. had sent out one of their junior roboticists, Henry Willhelm, to survey the damage. However, instead of the mess he had been prepared for, he actually found a masterpiece. “This… this is actually pretty cool. I mean, it...

  9. This is what she did

    I woke up in the early afternoon. My head was aching and I felt like a dried-out corpse. I was clearly hungover. I pulled myself out of bed and went to the kitchen in search of a drink. I was in the middle of drinking a glass of water when I looked up....

  10. Frames

    Work was mundane to say the least. Copy after copy was printed, the ink on the paper forming the shapes of meaningless jargon. The best part about work however, was the small shop a couple of doors down. They had the finest picture frames Samuel had ev...

  11. Desperation

    “I want you to know, even at my cruelest, I’m just doing it out of desperation. I need you to love me, and I don’t know how else to do it.” I was swaying about in the darkness. I had to open my eyes. I had to let the light in. I...

  12. Tapes

    “Did you have a good day?” “Yes, Daddy.” “Did you finish your chores?” “Yes.” “Were you as nice as you could possibly be to everyone?” “Of course!” The man paused, looked down, and...

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