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Used to write a lot, but then got mired down with life and have recently been inspired to start back up. Thought short snippets might be a good way to dip in toes first.


  1. The Battle (pt. 3)

    Their troops charge forward and we brace ourselves for the impact. Our job is to hold the shields tight, spears jutting out, while the men behind us slash out with their swords, cutting off limbs and, if lucky, entire heads. All nervousness disappears ...

  2. Bracing for Impact (pt. 2)

    Our priest spits at the naked druids dancing in front of the Saxon line. These men have no fear as it is considered the worst omen to kill a holy man. They have painted their bodies with blue woad and their hair stands in strange spikes, hardened by du...

  3. Preparing for Battle (pt. 1)

    Streams of sweat burn my eyes, but I dare not raise my sleeve to wipe them. Our shield wall is tightly formed and any break might force the Saxons to charge. We’ve been here for hours waiting for the first attack. In all the tales, bards sing of how ...

  4. Brothers (part two) (Mature)

  5. Brothers (Mature)

  6. Dead Line

    Claire smiled when she saw her son’s name on the caller ID. Today was Justin’s first day of college and he’d promised to call after his classes ended. “Hey, sweetheart. Are you homesick yet?” She pictured him crossing the campus, hair disheve...

  7. Loss

    I’d only meant to glance out the window, but the lullaby of steady raindrops soothed my heavy heart and I became entranced. With a sigh, I pushed away and let the sheer curtain fall in a whisper. My moment of peace was over. The phone rang in con...

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