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I am the most interesting person you’ll never meet and would appreciate it if you could take a step back. You’re standing on my ego.


  1. Côte Chalonnaise

    I visit Richard once a week. Each time, I bring him a nice bottle of wine; after all, I pride myself on being a gracious guest. He accepts it with a saccharine smile, beckons me inside, and within minutes, I see it standing forgotten on the dusty curio...

  2. Wicker and propane

    I reached up and wrapped my fingers around the bright red valve. Before I could turn it, a delicate hand brushed against mine, and I turned to look in the eyes of my beautiful wife, Eleanore. Her message was clear: everything we did, we did together. S...

  3. Obedience

    “And where were they going?” said Alice, raising a sculpted eyebrow. Her pad was covered with dark scribbles and barely legible notes. The small boy sitting across the table stared at his hands and said nothing. “You have to tell me w...

  4. Greatest arcade

    He took his place at the foot of the machine and inserted a clean quarter. With a dazzling salvo of lights and a cacophony of bells, the machine sprang to life and began to tremble ever so slightly. It was clearly anticipating the excitement that was s...

  5. Promotion for the sous?

    “Shut up! No speaking!” Sharp words from the youthful captor as he jabbed the bound and gagged men with the end of his club. The first was wide-eyed and groaning horribly, face to the floor, almost kissing the rubber tiles. The other two we...

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