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Recently known as Punkin on Ficlet’s. I am sooo glad that Ficly is up and running.

I am a single mother of 2 who loves adventure and travel. My car started w/ 13,00o miles on it in 2006 now it has 105,000 + miles. Here’s hopin’ the little cherry red Aveo has a good engine.

I see all sorts of things on my trips and they inspire me to write.

I also have 2 children, one who loves to tell me stories. His pen name is BoyFightingDinosuar. My other child can’t write, or talk, he is autistic, but he inspires me and teaches me a lot about patience and compassion.

I live with my 2 children and my abuelita (that’s grandma) She’s 83 & quite the character. She was born in the rain forest in Honduras & didn’t even see snow until she was almost 70. She was afraid of it at first.
She’s doesn’t speak English and is a insufferabel gossip. She thinks she lives in a novella & is very dramatic about well…eveything. Some of her missteps are extremely funny.

I am a Speech Therapist. It’s fun, & I love it.
Kudos to Kevin.


  1. How not to fit in Part 2, It all started when challenge.

    Glares and whispers followed her as she walked down the narrow aisle of the bus. Her unease grew as she looked for a seat. She felt as if everyone on the bus were staring at her. Relieved she found an empty seat & sat down. She hunkered down into t...

  2. How not to fit in. Part 1; It all started when challenge.

    It all started when he sat next to her on the bus. It was her first day of school. High School, Fall of 1965. Maria had just arrived in the United States & she spoke very little English. The only words she knew were from bits of popular songs she h...