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Russell “Rusty” Awkward was born in 1934 in New York, NY, the son of Michael and Elena Awkward. From a young age, he showed an interest in the Broadway musicals his father acted in and his mother costumed for. At the age of 18, however, he rebelled against his parents and their industry of choice by writing the one-act play Pay No Attention To The Man In Front Of The Curtain, a biting critique of Broadway.

At twenty-one, leaving New York for Los Angeles, he disappeared for two years, the events of which went unknown until the 1971 autobiographical novel Midwest Purgatory: A Stalled Travelogue. After finally arriving in LA in 1958, he wrote and produced a string of plays which received moderate critical acclaim but poor ticket sales before disappearing into obscurity. His current location is unknown.


  1. Midwest Purgatory: A Stalled Travelogue, chapter one (part 3)

    Rusty attempted not to appear irritated as he gathered his rough draft off the floor, reassembling it into something resembling an order. The woman watched him, seemingly amused. This irritated Rusty further. “Arizona Spokes,” she said. ...

  2. Five Hundred

    “You got the five hundredth ficlet?” “Yeah.” “Haven’t they only been live for like two days?” “Yeah.” “And you got number five hundred.” “Yeah.” “Wow.” “I k...

  3. Midwest Purgatory: A Stalled Travelogue, chapter one

    Rusty Awkward was unhappy. The majority of his unhappiness regarded the turn of events by which he found himself in his current location, and the duration of his stay there. Eleven long months had passed now, stranded in a no-name town in southwest Mic...

  4. I Hate Trevor (Mature)

  5. She's A Whore (Mature)

  6. Bernard B. Belling, or: The Ghost of Ghost Hill (Part 8)

    Bernard stood at the grave for a time, then turned back and walked down the hill. As he walked, he went over the events of the day in his mind. There was a small chance that he had saved the world and a small chance that he was the son of God. The only...

  7. Bernard B. Belling, or: The Ghost of Ghost Hill (Part 6)

    Bernard was not surprised. He gave off the same glow that Martha had given off just minutes earlier, albeit one harder to distinguish, due mainly to the newly bright sky. That, and the fact that the hill had to have been named “Ghost Hill” ...

  8. Bernard B. Belling, or: The Ghost of Ghost Hill (Part 4)

    The TV was displaying a particularly morbid newscaster when she appeared before him, projecting an ethereal glow. “Bernard,” she said. Bernard looked at her in disbelief for a short time before deciding that this clinched it. The meteors th...

  9. Bernard B. Belling, or: The Ghost of Ghost Hill (Part 2)

    “Crazy, ain’t it?” Bernard turned away from a shrub to the front door, where Mr. McGavin stood, steaming cup of coffee in hand. Mr. McGavin raised his eyebrows, repeating his question silently. Bernard blinked. Mr. McGavin thought that perhaps Be...

  10. Six Word Story (Mature)

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