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I’m a girl who doesn’t play video games working for a video game company. I was hoodwinked into majoring in philosophy while maintaining an avid interest to marine biology. I plan on going back to school to nurture this interest and turn it into a career. I also plan on getting over my fear of the ocean as I do so.

I also really like squids. A lot.


  1. Allegory of the Playdo

    Pink residue stained the half-moons at the end of her fingernails and the salty taste tickled her tongue as she chewed at them. She was deep in concentration, the makeshift tea table with plastic plates and chipped cups hastily abandoned. Mr. Fluffy wo...

  2. Childlike

    Mother says he has been doing better, but better than what? Better than yesterday, when he refused food again, for the fifth day straight? Better than the day before that, when he struggled to get out of the bed, tried to go to the bathroom like a man ...

  3. Aldin Discovers How to Breathe Underwater

    It had taken Aldin three years to learn how to breathe underwater. When he reflected on the hours upon hours of delicate dissection; the clinical probing of gilled creatures, the failed experiments which left him soaked and seething; it made Aldin chuc...

  4. I'd go see it.

    “Hmm … I think we could use another explosion here.” “There are already 133 explosions, and that’s just in the first 15 minutes of the film.” “Then make it 134.” “The actors aren’t even doing ...

  5. The Doctor's Intentions

    The doctor closed the door softly behind him. He looked at his ID, “Dr.George Rubenstein,” a thoughtful thumb stroking the picture that was him, but not. He would never get used to that name. These humans, offering their name to the world o...

  6. A Light Bulb for his Birthday

    We weren’t exactly friends. We had that tenuous friendship that only existed in empty hallways and secret notes; whispers and secrets that we told only to each other, simply for the fact that no one would believe we ever talked. Your death came a...

  7. Quentin Flint Mostly Never Misses.

    From the silence, a single, hesitant voice rang out. “H-Hey Quentin…how’s the shootin’ been?” It came from a man seated at the end of the bar. This was followed by silence, as everyone turned to Quentin Flint to gauge his ...

  8. Edward the Monk

    Edward stole away from the agitated crowd. The gall of that man, preaching about “writing” and “magic.” Another fraud preying on our desperation. Back at the cloister, Edward headed towards the library. The name was an artifact,...

  9. Introducing...Aiko

    Right. As if she would ever be caught dead attending some ridiculous school dance. Obedient little piggies, all willingly led to the slaughter of their own intellect, imaginations, and creativity. Oblivious, is what they were. She could see them all no...

  10. Write? Preposterous!

    The crowd erupted with a roar of anger. The townsfolk of Stalworth had not written a single word in centuries. Words were powerful. A sentence was an act of creation.Words could carve a prosperous city out of a mountain, evolve a monarch into a fair an...

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