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I’m usually a feature comedy writer, but I’m using this site to explore other genres & literary styles.


  1. My First Encounter With Death

    I was seven when I encountered death for the first time. The bird lay on its back by the curb in front of my house. It was small. A sparrow, or something similar. It had been dead for several days, the cause forever unknown. You could tell because the ...

  2. Valmara (Mature)

  3. The Life of Tony Sparrow - A Poem

    Tony Sparrow, who rides his bike off dirt jumps, is ten. Tony Sparrow, who dates the captain of the cheerleading team, is seventeen. After high school he’ll never see her again. Tony Sparrow, who is majoring in macroeconomics, is twenty-two. This...

  4. One Minor Detail

    I kept getting the sense that I had forgotten something. I shrugged the feeling away – the machine was flawless. It had all the bells and whistles that you’d expect. (Well, only about half as many bells as whistles – I can’t sta...

  5. A Fair Settlement

    Sylvia got the house. The kids, too. Like I care. “Oh Anastasia…”

  6. A Poker Hand

    I was worried. Could you blame me? It was fifth street. One more ounce of tension and the room would burst. I checked my hand. I went over the odds of the possible hands my foes could have, but I could think of no better hand than the one I held. I exh...