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Another Ficlets refugee. Collaborated on the unfinished, late, lamented (at least by me) Lake Derry Murders story with a fine writer whose name I’m ashamed to say escapes me right now.

I live in Los Angeles and I’m an actor/director for the theatre. I am certain that I’d be a brilliant novelist if I could ever finish anything. Sadly, I have the attention span of a fruit fly. So here I am.

Thanks to the people who did this. Ficlets was a force for creation (that is, a force for good) on the web, and I have no doubt that Ficly will be the same.


  1. Dawn of the Iconoclast: Inquisitor (10)

    Traian could not believe his eyes, nor his betraying hands, so recently fouled with the blood of his boyhood friend, as they gripped the hem of Sq’Aborm the Guardian’s robe, brought it to his lips, kissed it. Tradition is blood, and then a ...

  2. I Accuse (Mature)

  3. Iconoclasts

    Dean Al French was sweating. He was always sweating. Students called him the Wet Towel. But this was different. This was unhealthy, had to be. If he kept his job he was finally going to use that union insurance, go see a doctor about this sweating thin...

  4. Jody in Accounting (Mature)

  5. War and Peace

    She laughs again, and when she does it comes from somewhere deep within her, some recess of salvation he wishes he could touch. He loves that sound. It sends a tingle down his spine, but it starts in his brain, where it usually starts with her. The bed...

  6. Friends/Lovers

    He chain-smoked his Camels while he waited in the church parking lot. She came out and she was tall and brown, like always, and her face was peppered with freckles and intellect, and what could he do? He was leaning against her car door trying to look ...

  7. Inside/Outside (Mature)

  8. Hands

    There was this old man on the corner. His hands were leather and his soul was air. He smoked Kools while he plucked a guitar with his stubby fingers and half-sang, half-brayed a song of love. If any woman had understood it, their hearts would have been...

  9. Templeton, Missouri

    And then there was the time that Ephraim Tate cut Slow Jack Blessing’s throat. Right in the middle of town and everything. There’d been words exchanged, of course. Slow Jack might have had a drink or two, and I know Ephraim was three sheets...

  10. Eulogy From a Productive Member of Society (Mature)

  11. The Anonymous (Mature)

  12. A Hobo's Christmas

    In the yuletide season of 1931, there was not a great deal to be merry about anywhere on God’s green earth (or God’s brown earth, as the case was in most of the middle of His own blessed America). Folks were starving and broke. There were c...

  13. Borough

    There had been a vote. Tony bitched and moaned about it, but deep down he understood the others in the band had a point. He was the one who’d given the kid the okay to sing. He’d have to be the one to explain the situation to Vince’s ...

  14. Apprentice (Mature)

  15. Lie Down With Dogs

    Cameron awoke to find John Wilkes Booth seated on his chest and licking his nostril, brown eyes dumbly staring into Cameron’s own grey ones. Wilkes was a dog of course, a Boston terrier to be exact, and to Cameron’s knowledge had no part in...

  16. A Humanity Break (Mature)

  17. Warden

    Twenty-six feet and four inches above the head of the last dragon in line, behind eleven-inch fireproof, bulletproof glass, Felix Cel’Ruschk stood, arms cryptically folded over his expansive chest, his face betraying nothing as he watched the bar...

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