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software by day, fiction by night. Mostly reading, but I do occasionally have the creational urge.

Those will mostly end up here.

I am also the Supreme Vice Arbiter of the League of Awesomeness


  1. What??? (Mature)

  2. Someone else's bucket

    Vic rolled up the tent, and fumbled ineffectually at it, trying to attach it to his backpack with cold-numbed fingers. Vivian said in a bright (brittle?) voice, “Here clumsy, let me do that for you.” She reached past him and locked it in pl...

  3. :-(

    Vince threw himself into his Trans-Am, the gear shift into D and the car onto the road. No way was he going to be cuckolded by some silicon slattern. Hurtling through the night, powered by his hate, Vince felt invincible. He was a juggernaut of justice...

  4. Final rejection (break-up challenge)

    “I’m sorry Juan, it just doesn’t feel right anymore.” He looks at her, slack-jawed. “But, what about, about that…” She cuts him off “I don’t want to discuss it anymore, we’re finished!” ...

  5. The Neurophages XVIII

    The last instruction ran through the punch tape inside the battle-engine’s chest. It clanked back into its cast-iron vault and docked to a programming niche to await further instruction. Unbeknownst to it, the crystal chamber imprisoning the ange...

  6. The Neurophages XVI

    Lou and Miles looked on helplessly as angel and enormous battle-engine squared off. The huge machine was clutching a pitch-black sword in one of its vast three-fingered pincers, and it was apparent that it was able to move much faster than such a huge ...

  7. The Neurophages XIV

    Alba told them her story: “After being rocked by the pain that my people felt, I was trance-linked to the quorum, which is the manifestation of my entire species’ collective conciousness. It instructed me to make contact with the Babbage, a...

  8. The Neurophages XII

    Ada was thoughtful as the automata pushed the Lincoln and the escape pod towards the Babbage. At an intellectual level, she understood that she should feel terrible about the suffering that she was subjecting the angel to. However, she also understood ...

  9. The Neurophages X

    Miles helped a staggering Alba into the ball-bearing shaped escape pod. They pushed past its inward-opening door, and sat down on one of the plush velour benches inside. Lou barged in breathlessly, and strained against the enormous wedge-shaped door to...

  10. The Neurophages VIII

    A battleswarm of 1,024 automata crouched on the vast grey hull of the ship. Each creature was perched ant-like on the hull, attached via a spiral drill bit which was screwed into the hull like a corkscrew in your favourite before-dinner vintage. They l...

  11. The Neurophages VI

    They were seated on the bunks in his cabin. With Lou to his left, and the angel Alba to his right, Miles felt afraid to move either way in case he touched one or the other and couldn’t let go. Taking a deep breath (and distracting Miles), Alba to...

  12. The Neurophages IV

    Miles and Lou approached the boiler room. Miles at a dead run, with Lou loping along easily beside him. She had exchanged her welding apron for a cloth one that read “Kiss the cook”, but he still did not seem to get the message. Crunching t...

  13. Psycopathic sycophants (Mature)

  14. My first love (Mature)

  15. What makes one become dull?

    Jerry Sparks was a flamboyant Vegas entertainer. Androgynous and famous for misdirection, no-one was quite sure whether he was gay or not. In those days, one did not enquire too carefully either. He left a trail of broken hearts behind him, male and fe...

  16. echoes from above

    hope u dont h8 us. We had 2 launch, the comet was coming. We escaped. Our multi-generational ship will rebuild. Good luck with the ice age

  17. The ginger bread man

    Lonely couple bakes sentient cookie. Chase ensues, fox dines well

  18. Cultorama

    The cruise ship tender was late in arriving, so you walk down the high street in a huff. The audacity of those cruise people, blaming the lateness on the weather! But you showed them, and at least the manager gave you a complimentary voucher for the sp...

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