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  1. Crispin Juniper: Tea Diver

    Crispin Juniper was a unique individual. He was a Tea Diver. Crispin could look into the hot liquor of tea and explore the world hidden within. Some say he was crazy. Others, gifted. All Crispin cared about was how well the tea tasted.

  2. Crispin Juniper: White Tea

    Crispin sat at the top of a great, silver tower. There he enjoyed a wonderfully cool breeze. A great expanse of white, chalky rock surrounded the tower as far as the eye could see. It was peaceful here, and Crispin took a deep breath and cleared his mi...

  3. Crispin Juniper: Oolong

    In a field of wild jasmine, Crispin came upon a wandering samurai. He greeted the man, extending his hand for a shake. The samurai looked puzzled, and took a step back. Confused, Crispin extended his hand in greeting yet again. Again, the man did not r...

  4. Crispin Juniper: Black Tea

    Rain fell upon the cobblestone road heavy enough for it to be deafening. Great rivulets of water ran off the surrounding buildings. Crispin wiped the water from his face, trying hard to keep an eye on the man not fifteen paces in front of him. Time see...

  5. Crispin Juniper: Honeybush (Mature)

  6. Crispin Juniper: Green Tea (Mature)

  7. Coming Down

    He came down hard. Memories flooding his mind, washing over him. JennyohhowImissyouwhydidyouleavewherehaveyoudoneIamnothingwithoutyou The pounding in his head matched that of his heart. He had to get away, had to find… …wherecanIgofromhereh...

  8. Martini

    I had been staring down the martini for the past 2 hours, not able to bring myself to choke it down. What was it with this place? Dim lights, mild piano music. It was like I was stuck to my seat and had no will to pull myself off. The martini called to...

  9. Still Dead

    It wasn’t as if he hadn’t died before. This time was just…different. His head still swimming, he tried to make it to his feet. No dice. He was still dead. What was going on here? It had never taken him this long to recover before.

  10. He Ran

    With that, he ran. There was no time, no place. Just his feet hitting the asphalt and the sound of his breath. The things that followed him were no matter. The things they could do to him, no consequence. The pounding of his heart, and the pounding of ...

  11. Two to Tango

    They say it takes two to tango, but here I am doing a damn fine job by myself. I guess I was just born to dance.

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