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I’ve been a professional teacher, artist and musician for over thirty years and I currently pursue an off-the-grid homesteading lifestyle.
I’m continuing life’s journey, accepting and creating new challenges and living life more simply. I try to improve my powers of observation and perception everyday and also try to listen to my intuition more. Its important what you do with the time you have.


  1. Gaited

    In the past, he was before his time, a futurist now nothing more than a current event. A prodigy turned prodigal to escape the present.

  2. The Choice

    A screen crackles with static charge as it opens it’s eye to stare. It’s early, before the rooster calls the day to start. Salt and pepper static foams across the screen, casting a bluish tint onto Peter’s face. A test pattern rolls into ...

  3. Alien Sanctuary

    Hail wasn’t the only storm element to worry about. Fragments of long ago collided planets and man-made satellite crafts showered a myopic world, proving even intelligent design could crumble. “Martians? Preposterous, if we believed in Martians, the...

  4. Tin Foil Hats (Mature)

  5. Place in Time

    I don’t long for a place. You can adapt to almost anyplace so it’s not so much about a longing for a place. I long for a time. I long for the blur to clear, the pace to slow to a kind of mental serenity. A singular inner voice that makes se...

  6. Summer Magic

    There’s a magic time that announces summer has arrived. It’s not the warmer weather or the ending of another school year. It’s not the embarking upon of a long awaited vacation or even the ding-a-ling of the neighborhood ice cream tru...

  7. Blasted 7

    Tesla lasers caromed off the force shield cradling the hull of the Pulsar Wind as Captain Novax brought her about from the docking station. “I can order a bag of Sarturian snails in Hantoran and ask for fries, aside from some choice cuss words, ...

  8. No Wooden Nickles

    Well at least it was a real nickel, not a wooden one. Penny would wait no matter what. The canvas bag of indian head pennies and buffalo nickels he had used as a pillow last night was what they had both risked everything for, Penny would wait, he just ...

  9. The Legend of Binky and Dairy Queen

    Diary Queen set a blizzard against her starving serfs, soft swirling them into submission. One alone busted her dictatorial parfait: Binky. Cone or cup, cake or creamy swirl the Dairy Queen preened in her stainless steel court as Binky launched lime je...

  10. The Sky Is Melting (Mature)

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