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  1. Toast

    He was anxious. She’d asked about the butter, and then it’d all gone quiet. He knew she sometimes found his little foibles frustrating, so he tried to curb the worst of them. But the butter just drove him nuts. There were mornings he ate th...

  2. Butter

    There were two packs of butter in the fridge, clearly labelled with black marker: John; Amy. “What’s this?” “What’s what?” he shouted from the living room. “The two lots of butter? What do we need two for?̶...

  3. Intro

    In my memory, it’s always raining. I used to love sitting at my desk staring out at the rain. Of course my teachers usually felt that my eyes, and my mind, would be more properly focussed on the school work in front of me, but my eyes were on the...

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