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  1. True Love

    Zzzzz. Mnnnn? What the f..?! Damn! Just nodded off for a mere twelve hours and the idiot has to come stroke me. Eh…? Prrrr….Oooo. Well, if she’s doin’ it like that s’pose it’s okay. Get my tummy will ya,… to th...

  2. Evolution Explained

    CON1 had studied many life forms. It understood life processes: proto-replicators, structural forms, survival mechanisms, senses, motor control, emotions, consciousness. CON1 had not seen one example of conscious natural life that hadn’t required...

  3. The Third Thought

    The memory was humorously called CON3 – third consciousness, after biological and artificial. CON1 had developed in biological life, and had reached its current peak in ML4 – the fourth integrated biological life. CON1 used artificial enhan...

  4. Seasons

    Cycles – the one constant throughout all known history. Expand, consolidate, decline, renew, expand. Nothing had become more obvious. The ever growing ever available history, recorded from human times, had confirmed this one pure fact. With all t...

  5. New Dawn

    Man, on leaving Sol had subdued his greed and nurtured the three other proto-intelligent beings he had eventually discovered, all by EII4 – 4000 years after Exodus II, when man first left Sol. He had learned what he could, and built a cultural me...

  6. Lest We Forget

    The 2000 year War of Moons left a pallor over all of the Sol System. For centuries after, the disparate peoples struggled for peace and reconstruction, never achieving the heights enjoyed before; a time destroyed, almost lost. Still under clouds of con...

  7. Acceptance

    Home late after a long tiring drive, the headlights persist in flashing by as I lie half dead in my bed; drifting; heavy lids drooping. I hear my breathing; I jerk awake – was I snoring? Nondescript images in various shades of dark wave before my...

  8. The Oldest Past-time (Mature)


    mc,.xqeior5 iD;AMSL.DMQNDCV HI38U[C049XE ‘l.mx.smdnbclq wz l;kp;oLKJXN,.ZMXCNWEVH ROP;12IU3ROPC 2JLDCM Z~p[ o we=-905v0[b295tpefisja;lkmndfhjvop[90`c9#12’[eXDCMNVB P1[#B2[EOPWXQFHG CLWEUJCV.XM,.D/ Q#PFOWE’PRIUHIO12938UIWERFSDK JKL/K ...

  10. Hangover Challenge (Mature)

  11. Who am I?

    I am Abby Wall I am Bob Liddil I am Chad Wright I am D.S. Aly I am ElshaHawk (LoA) I am futurist I am Geebs I am Hiram K. Hackenbacker I am illusionistic I am Joey Roskey I am Kevin Lawver I am lisaG I am Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA) I a...

  12. I am a man

    I am a man I am a penis I am a penis I am a penis I am a penis I am a penis I am a penis I am a penis I am a penis I am a penis …. excuse me, I desperately need to go do something. …. ok, back I am alphabetically challenged

  13. What Was I doing?

    I was sat in front of a computer when a stranger entered my room. At first I was pretty scared, but she seemed real nice and helpful. She opened Ficly (?) and told me to try reading the stories because they should be short enough for me; and maybe I sh...

  14. Emphasis (Mature)

  15. Home for Christmas

    I’m home for Christmas, just not in once piece, so forgive me if I don’t feel at home. It’s a price we pay. The hysteria as I’m paraded and put on exhibition leaves me numb, so forgive me if I don’t join in the seasonal ch...

  16. Loose Chippings

    The quaint names of lovely rural England draw you to them, late on in a fresh summers day as the mind wonders on your long sleepy journey through the English countryside. Little Missenden, Walters Ash, Handy Cross, Wiversfield Green, their spires and c...

  17. Saved! Religious Optimism

    Even if you’re not into the S&M and homoerotic snuff scene of JC’s death or the paedophilia within the RC church, there’s still something for everyone. Homophobic bigot? Islam should do it for you. Wild about virgins? The religion...

  18. Crazy Birthday

    Five suicide attempts but the doc released her; to me, her Care Coordinator. It was instant love. I could lose my job; but it was real mutual love. But I had a problem. I made things vanish. Each morning, as I woke, the next thing I touched – poo...

  19. Mind Your Head As You Enter (Mature)

  20. What's On Your Mind? (Mature)

  21. Happy Birthday (Mature)

  22. Forgive Us Our Sins (Mature)

  23. Writer's Block (Mature)

  24. The Saviour

    4am. The third President Bush lay awake. 20 body bags a day from Afghanistan; two embassy bombs, 226 dead; Iran were nuclear. His finger was on the button. One more incident. God was on his side. 5am. Khalim had made it through security. Allah smiled o...

  25. No Virgins

    “Where am I?” “You don’t know? Does the heat not give you a clue? How about ‘Our Lord! Surely, whom You admit to the Fire, indeed You have disgraced him, and never will the wrongdoers find any helpers.’, from Quran 3...

  26. Congratulations

    Voila! And, here I am. If those damn atheists could see me now, one tiny, buzzing, healthy, thinking zygote. The soul lives! Mom, you don’t realise what you are missing out on. I hear you and I know. You don’t believe. Mom, please! Don̵...

  27. Double Trouble

    “Vicky darling, it’s Andrea. At least give me one shot I can use.” “That’s a no, and you know it is. I do not, will not, ever, appear in my own range.”, damn pic chicks; pushier than the guys. “Richard and Jame...

  28. The Lawn Mowing Lesson

    Look at him mowing the damn lawn. No, really, look at him and think about it. I know what he’s trying to achieve – perfection. Can’t you see that. I’ve nagged and tormented him about it for so long I wonder if I’ve been so...

  29. God on E (Mature)

  30. Asshole! (Mature)

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