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Roy McM lives with his Lovely Wife and son, two dogs and two cats in Edmonds Washington and is currently employed in the computer industry. He is not a writer, nor does he enjoy writing.


  1. The Inappropriate Breakfast.

    The little plastic box said “Lunchables”, suggesting a time frame of appropriate consumption. Time was something Carl cared about. He was a Time Keeper and for Carl, time had implications. Once, he had inadvertently made the entire eastern seaboard...

  2. Stall Speed

    Pitch, power, airspeed. Pull back on the yoke and the nose comes up. Reduce throttle to maintain altitude, the airplane slows down. Balancing pitch and power, the horn comes in, low and reedy, then stronger, louder, insistent. You keep raising the nose...

  3. The absence of light.

    The shadowman whispered. “The wicked walk free while the righteous sleep. Are you sleeping Little Brother? I am not.” He was bright, luminescent, terrible, glorious, consuming. I was awestruck. The whisper came again through the light. “Do you wa...

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