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  1. Little Boxes

    Walls. Tall, strong, imposing, stucco walls. The car quietly drove down the steet, passing home after home. Although they could hardly be called homes. Not even houses. More like boxes. Her eyes peered out of the window, staring at the alien world tha...

  2. Yellow Duck

    Water filled his lungs. My baby. A bathtub grave. He hadn’t listened.

  3. A Common and Savage Day

    It would settle over the landscape, its perfumed touch sedating everything. The tree branches swayed in the breeze. The water lazily trickled along the riverbank. Mother would find herself sprawled on the back veranda, one hand outstreched, hanging lik...

  4. A New Birth for the Ancient Man

    Black smudged hands and aching joints were a thing of the past. The massive machine that sat in front him, staring blankly back, with his aged expression mirrored in it’s screen, seemed to taunt him. Yes, it had been years. And, yes, many of his ...

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