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  1. Title at end

    To look To want To yearn Unfulfilled, it grows A tipping point is reached Where – where can it go It can not be acted on It can not be answered It can only momentarily be assuaged For it is pain, yes, but it is exquisite A touch An embrace A caress S...

  2. Side-Kick and company

    “Hello Side-Kick! Glad to see you’re out of traction.” “Hello Does-Nothing-On-His-Own-Man! How is Face-Punch doing? I know he had a heck of a time recovering from that last skirmish with 1000 Face Man.” “He’ll ...

  3. The Eyes

    They’re everywhere. They say they’re peaceful, and that they haven’t started moving about in the public, but they’re lying. Look at the eyes, it’s all right there. That’s how I knew it was safe to talk to you. Look at him, for instance. Wai...

  4. Censorship

    They call me crazy. I just want to write. Yes, it gets me in trouble sometimes, but that goes with the territory. Here comes another. All day they drop the carcasses of pens down the chute to my cell, devoid of ink, broken tips, beautiful cases snapped...

  5. Thumb War

    This was war. But what it needed, as all good wars, was a slogan. “Three Two One – Thumb Fun”? No, that would never work. Too short, not catchy. No one would go to war for that. “One Two, Thumb-Fu”? Catchy, but only really relevant if warring...

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