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  1. The soul at the end of the road

    As she approached the Source, she felt her soul become lighter within her. She could feel the warmth of the place envelope her. Here, the spirit that plagued her was weak. She finally felt as if she could relax. However, as she walked, she sensed the p...

  2. The fight

    Are you dense? The tele-porter just used his tele-kinesis to shrink you down to his size and you honestly think you can stand a chance in fighting him? You’re sillier than I thought. You get one or two good punches in, but the tele-porter quickly...

  3. The apology

    You prostrate yourself before the tele-porter and earnestly plead for forgiveness, but he will not be placated. He shrinks you down to 1/24 scale using his tele-kinetic powers as punishment for your sin. Satisfied, he walks over to his trolley and begi...

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