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  1. Now I pay the Price.

    I stare in to my lap for answers receiving nothing but more guilt. These weak, decrepit hands. Long, trembling fingers. Brittle bones encased in loose, ashen skin. My greatest fears being reflected through my clammy palms straight into my tired eyes. T...

  2. Franklin. Inventor of Clover.

    What’s wrong with Franklin? Franklin is GREAT! He’s never too hot or too cold. Far too big or way too small. Franklin isn’t too sweet or too sour. He’s not a marathon or sprint. A famine or a feast. He’s not skinny marge a...

  3. The Horrifying Truth.

    Into an empty room I stared. Four walls. One bed. One girl. A long white box, imprisoning me inside its own hell. Often she’d come to me. Piercing my innocent mind with the horrifying truth. Draped over her skinny body was a dress. It did not fit the...

  4. The Song of a Wolf.

    His eyes a crystal blue, His coat as white as snow, He sings into the night, Why, we do not know. It’s carried on the wind, It echoes through the trees, It purifies the air, You feel it in the breeze. The sound a shout for help, perhaps a lonely cry,...

  5. The Meaning of Life.


  6. My Family is Odd.

    My family is loud, My family is wierd, My family is slightly odd. My daddy likes boats, My mummy loves food, My brother’s a little sod. I’m a bit short, Nadine is too tall, Elana thinks she’s god. We have a rabbit, We have 3 dogs, Th...

  7. A Sunset to Remember.

    The now orange sun was melting softly into the calm, peaceful sea. Not a whisper of wind could be heard. The only sound was of the soft fingers of the ocean tickling the yellow beach. A tiny, blue yacht on the horizon, no bigger than a grain of rice, w...

  8. Tomorrow's promise

    As evening drew near we prepared ourselves for the worst. Bailey was bound to die with the light of day. Restless, she pawed at the ground, fighting fiercely for life. The mare was dying and there was nothing we could do. Quiet sobs escaped my daughter...

  9. The demon of me. (Mature)

  10. Rain will fall

    Have you ever heard of the boy who was lost, His Identity remains no more than a cross, And was his father too quick to dismiss, A mother’s son would always be missed. And did the father regret his mistakes, He’d take them back whatever it ...

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