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  1. Insured

    Want to reduce your monthly payments on your car insurance? Haha, of course you do, my boy. That was a rhetorical question. It’s really a very simple process. First we have to kill a freshly born lamb. Violently. Always violently. Next, with its ...

  2. Portraits

    She is staring at me. Hollow eyes, a subdued smile. A knowing expression. I fidget uncomfortably. How had I gotten here, again? I squint my eyes and send my thoughts inwards. Nothing is there. It’s emptier than my stomach. Damn I’m hungry. ...

  3. My Aphrodite

    Silky, golden, straight and bright; More flowing than a forest sprite’s… It glistened like the morning light— The hair of my fair Aphrodite. Fairer than pale Luna’s sight; Glistened like a lake at night, as it reflects that Luna...

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