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Love to read, never written much. Thought I’d give it a try.

Please, rate me harshly! I know we all like to be nice here, but please don’t give me a 5 unless you think a story could not have been any better and it really blows you away.

Similarly, do leave criticisms, constructive or not. I appreciate tough love, even if it’s something that you aren’t sure I (or anyone else) would agree with – that’s the best way to see how other people are thinking and, I think, to improve.

I try to apply these thoughts to my own comments/ratings and probably come off as somewhat rougher than most, but I definitely will explain what I thought could improve if I give a 3, or what I thought was outstanding for a 5.


  1. Step back, hands down, put y'ass on the ground

    Step back hands down put y’ass on the ground Eyes up jaws slack give y’face a smack Now believe it heed it trust y’ears it’s me don’t you see This’ the spot to be ‘Cause from the look on your face you didn̵...

  2. Eleven O'Clock

    “Come in, come in,” Alan said impatiently to the quiet, measured knock-knock-knock at the door. He waved his hand in the air, gesturing, as the door opened. “Take a seat, we need to make this quick. My eleven o’clock just got mo...

  3. Wrong exit

    You must have taken the wrong exit. The last glimmer of sunlight winks out as the road meets the woods. The pavement becomes gravel. The road narrows as the trees grow around you. Your headlights illuminate one row of trees around you, nothing else. Th...

  4. A generation's hero

    The heat rose like a furnace off the glowing lava hundreds of feet below. The fact that this rickety bridge had not yet burned to ash would have given him pause, were he not staring down an enraged dragon. He dodged left, then right and felt the searin...

  5. Pull the trigger first. (Mature)

  6. Why?

    “Why?” She had asked, tiny sunlit face peering up past the hand holding hers. “Because doggies don’t know how to talk, bumpkin.” He had said it through a grin as wide as she was tall. “Why?” She had had no inte...

  7. Moving (Mature)

  8. 3rd and 2 (3)

    Thankfully, receivers are lousy blockers, and the tackle stepped away, towards the sideline. I see the QB fake the tailback dive handoff and roll my way. “Boot left!” I roar around my mouthguard, smashing my forearm down on the nuisanceR...

  9. 3rd and 2 (2)

    He eases into his stance, placing his feet like a sumo wrestler and planting his hand in the turf in front of him. I set up off him like a sprinter, ass up, feet back, weight on my fingers. I feel them sinking in as the singing and dancing starts. Line...

  10. 3rd and 2

    3rd and 2 coming up. Bent over in the huddle, I hear Hugh call the defense as a drop of sweat trickles down my brow. “Four-three Texas cover two.” It hangs on the end of my nose for a split-second, drips off. I watch it fall through the bar...

  11. dry, one olive, Tanqueray

    Wet nights make for lousy second dates. The restaurant was only a 5-minute walk from my apartment, and the rain had taken a break, but I brought my umbrella anyway. The reservation was for 8:30. I got there at 8:25. Walked through the door, and a fat j...

  12. Was it real?

    “Is this how you’ve always felt?” she choked, lump in her throat. The dry eyes on his vacant face were her answer. “Goodbye.”

  13. Why, you scamp!

    “Bastard!” he shrieked. “He was… my son!” The body sat bolt upright, smirking. “Still am, Pops!” he mumbled, bullet in his teeth.

  14. Politico

    “And this benefits my constituency how?” the senator roared. TV cameras were rolling; he knew it better than anyone. “So what if it helps the rich stay young longer? I’m here for the working man that elected me to this office!&#...

  15. Let that be the end

    He could hear only her labored breath over his pounding pulse, he could see only her swollen face through his hot tears. “I’ll kill him.” His speech struggled. “He… I’ll kill him.” The motion of her cracked and...

  16. Commissioning a Symphony in C [Cake]

    The Baron von Steich was especially jovial that night. He swept about, favoring guests with ham-hocked back-slaps and belly laughs from deep in his prodigious gut. The wine flowed freely, as one might see from the stains on the fine silk shirt strainin...

  17. "One hundred thousand bagels," he said.

    “One hundred thousand bagels,” the challenger said. He almost whispered it, in fact. The 90,000 spectators filling the stadium to bursting, aroar not a second before, quieted deafeningly. They heard what had been said, as did the millions w...

  18. Induced sin (Mature)

  19. Staredown

    A single bead of sweat rolls down his forehead, the only motion I have seen in the past hour. An observer would see no more than two men, tensed like loaded springs, staring at each other a few yards apart… but the battle had begun as soon as our...

  20. Don't see many of your type 'round here (Mature)

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