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I am an engineering student in an arts program who likes writing and hates math. I have so little aggression that I wasn’t aggressive enough for TaiChi but i love playing competitive sports. Me contradicts myself and I.


  1. Language of Communication

    This is the language that I was taught ___ This be the language I’ve known My speech has been bent by rules and disguised by grammar ___ My voice rasps plagued by principles and twisted in societal assimilation A voice ___ A soul Is forged on the f...

  2. First Chime

    The stroke after midnight; the first light appears over the top of the hill. Its soft yellow glow bobs gently left and right in the hand of the priest as he leads the procession. Soon the first blue light will appear, and another, and another, until th...

  3. Developing History

    “For centuries, the documentation of history was left to unreliable machines and worse: The human memory.” The guide gestured to a glass case of microphones, cameras and newspapers. “All of these are very fallible; for all we know, hi...

  4. Runaways

    A storm of pots and pans crashed around me. “Shoot Bobbi, be careful what you-er doin’ .” I slowly brought down my arms once I was convinced that nothing else was about to rain out of the cupboard. “By the way,” Mother con...

  5. Crumbling

    I stood at a dead end, a dead end that was also my destination. Ten feet forward, a crumbling wall stood across the path. The height of it extended out of sight, the length of it curved out of sight. “Hell fire burns within these walls,” a ...

  6. An Ad for Adventure

    Travel alone, or with friends? Either way will be an adventure. You’ve already figured the how. You’re going to get on the bus going anywhere and follow to where ever it takes you. The only plan you’ll need is to be back home by the time your...

  7. At the Prix

    I craned my neck as far as I physically could. I looked hard into the distance through the puddle of mirage to see far down to the corner. As soon as I tuned out the noise of the crowd I could hear a throaty roar approaching. Eventually even the crowd ...

  8. Cliff's Edge

    The gusting wind threw the heavy tavern door open into the flickering firelight. In the wake of the concussive bang as door met wall the dreary tavern fell silent. My eyes scrolled across the room to the big red chair with a rough tweed patch. A man wi...

  9. Jarred

    The bug, trapped in a jar, flies buzzing loudly as it bounces off the glass. Though its effort is erratic, frantic, its effort’s awarded with only a faint “pink” sound. I wait patiently in my jar, waiting for the walls to crumble and ...

  10. Repayment

    A bed of Shimeji mushrooms was a perfect place to rest at the end of the day. The tops rolled like clouds across the ground, a nap here could melt anybody’s troubles away. But here I came, came running, and I squeezed down between the stalks befo...

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