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  1. Denial ; III

    Little did he know, such a dream corresponded perfectly with the arrival of his father when he was younger. Often times, the adult male would come home drunk and with a flaring temper, ready to unleash his wrath on anyone who came in sight. As a child ...

  2. Denial ; II

    Slamming the door shut behind him, his emerald eyes immediately scanned the blank room. However, as his eyes adjusted to the dim light he saw it to be a much more familiar place. As he looked over his shoulder he could see the shadow drawing closer thr...

  3. Denial ; I

    A dark haired male found himself running through the longest maze imaginable, and no matter how far he ran the shadow behind him only seemed to grow larger. He wasn’t quite sure why he had become so fearful, or why his heart was beating so fast, ...

  4. Now I see it is half empty.

    The adrenaline that began flowing through his veins caused his heart to beat faster, and within seconds he had jumped into bed and pulled the covers over his numb body. Turning his back to the door, he squeezed his eyes shut, and ignored the tears that...

  5. I thought the glass was half full.

    “I don’t want him.” The cold words that escaped the lips of the woman he had once held so close were like daggers running through the little heart of the silent bystander. “It’s not like you have a choice, you know I can’t take ...

  6. A new tone of gray.

    A faceless girl in a faceless world. She looks like all the others, Talks like all the others, Thinks like all the others, Yet, she can’t seem to find her place. Even in a world where everything is the same, Where everything is a tone of gray, Th...

  7. Two sides of the same coin.

    We were born together. Our lives were nothing more than a minute apart, but our minds couldn’t be farther. When I saw a looking glass. He saw furniture. When I saw a white rabbit. He saw an animal. When I saw a girl in a blue dress. He saw a chil...

  8. Trembling.

    Shallows breaths escaped a pair of cold, blue lips. The more steps she took, the closer it got. No matter how fast she ran the growling seemed to follow close behind. Even when falling into a bed of thorns, she didn’t dare whimper. Anything could...

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