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  1. Smile, It's The End Of The World

    Ka-Chunk. He ejected another shell, aimed and pulled the trigger. The zombie’s head disappeared in a cloud of blood and brain as its body was thrown back by the power of the impact. Quickly, the man reloaded his shotgun, getting ready for the next as...

  2. Pigeon Feathers

    The room was completely silent, except for the quiet scratching noise of a quill on paper. Bent over a massive wooden table sat an old man, carefully tracing line after line on a sheet of finest paper. With endless patience, his fingers drew continents...

  3. Sky is Over

    In the burning red of a rising sun, the barren landscape looked like the surface of a dead planet. A man stood alone on a hilltop, watching the sun slowly pour into the sky, filling it with light and fire. A reminiscence hit him, a picture of the same...