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Questions. Throughout life a person is confronted with anomalies that can only be dealt with reasonable prospects. Answers. We all want to know the truth about existence and the universe. But how does one seek out truth? How do you become sagacious enough to understand the processes of nature? Science and critical thinking. These tools can guide us to know how to think, not what to think. People. I have no idea. This is the toughest. People astound, amaze, distort, depress, hate, hope, loathe, and love.
Be who you are not what others want you to be. Live life in the direction of your dreams and someday they will be where you are.


  1. Waking Up

    The trees and grasslands that once adorned the landscape were now a utopian memory. Even the air was gone, replaced by a suffocating gas mixture that was so tenuous one must breathe through a respirator. The cities made of glass and concrete were grave...

  2. Prologue: Part I

    The large sail fish flopped around violently, to and fro, just before the captain walked up and pierced its scaly skin with a short spear. It writhed back and forth, pinned down to the wood by its dorsal fin, then slowed down, and finally stopped. Its ...

  3. Prologue: Part II

    I glanced at its eyes briefly in between a few looks at its torso where archaic lungs strained to keep the organism alive. The eyes were two large silver spheres stuck to its big head frantically darting around, searching for a body of water to plunge ...

  4. Love Inspires Honor

    The crowd of people stared at Jim, appalled at what had just transpired. “Boo!” A drunken cowboy slurred. The man sitting next to him chuckled with the other sycophants seated in the green upholstered booth. The blathering fool continued, &...

  5. Shakedown Part VI (Mature)

  6. Shakedown Part V (Mature)

  7. Shakedown Part IV (Mature)

  8. Shakedown Part III (Mature)

  9. Shakedown Part I (Mature)

  10. Shakedown Part II (Mature)

  11. Freshly Broken Heart

    Jasper’s melancholy would once again consume his daily trials. A broken heart is no way to spend a summer. The continual retreat away from sobriety consistently shaped his days. With a multitude of daily distractions, he conjured up a plethora of vic...

  12. Love Has An Expiration Date

    Slumped against the wall leading into the basement, Jasper peeled back the layers of consciousness. Escape was his only hope to survive the onslaught. He glanced up and saw the rage in her eyes. The tumult had carried on late into the night. He thought...

  13. Freefall

    The cliff on the side of the mountain was large. Large enough that Jack had time to regret the decision to jump off. Large enough that adrenaline had time to set in and release his bowels. Most importantly, the façade of the mountain was large enough ...

  14. John Doe

    The fuzzy parts of my memory are smeared with shadows as I try to recollect where I am. Darkness pervades my field of vision with random scatterings across a linoleum floor from a storm outside. A loud crack sends a vociferous clap through my head and ...

  15. Play Well

    It was almost perfect. Simon surveyed his masterpiece while walking around it. A 360 degree perspective would reveal any flaws in the structure. Just need one more skinny white piece that is three prongs long. He scrambled through the large bin in sear...

  16. You Know Who You Are

    Torment my mind and dispatch my hope to a barren landscape Wither and cry until nothing cheers me up…tangled in this sordid tale A farce about love…about my life I became a prisoner to HER emotions… I was lost when she found me and now I am a...

  17. Pass It On

    The ground was smoldering around the edges of the burnt depression. Just moments ago there was several living breathing people there. Donovan slowly walked towards the epicenter, ash crunching under each steady step, looking around anxiously at charcoa...

  18. Disappearing Act

    “Ugh! Why do I have to do this?” He exclaimed to the sky with his arms outstretched. “God damn it all.” A sob in the back of his throat swallowed the last word before it could escape. His chin slammed into his chest as his eyes swelled up with ...

  19. Rock The Boat

    “Do you like being wrong?” Claud said with as little disdain as he could muster. His eyes stayed focused on the woman in front of him. His breathing was calm and monotonous. The few feet of air in between the two became a vast ether. Her eyes widen...

  20. Burning Bridges

    Of course there was never the intention of harming anyone. Sometimes things escalate and the result is a whirlwind of destruction. Anything in its treacherous path will undoubtedly be marauded by the forces that started it. The eyes of the innocents wi...

  21. Rock The Boat

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