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  1. Dirty Whore, Dirty Woman (Mature)

  2. Touched, Burned (Winter Coat pt. 3)

    She looked out over the water that seemed to slither above the garden path. “Amazing, isn’t it?” he said to her, his voice chilling her. She nodded and smiled as they continued on. He teased her as she awkwardly stepped over the rocks...

  3. The World Ablaze (Winter Coat pt. 2)

    On the table sat a bowl of what looked like vomit-yellow paste. It stank as it was placed over her. Her eyes burned as if she was bathing in some sort of noxious gas. The women to the right were speaking Spanish. She spoke Spanish. The women to the lef...

  4. Winter Coat (a series)

    Big bucks. $200 and then some. It was time to leave for a so-called “better” place, like the kind one sees in their dreams but are never entirely sure if they exist. She wondered how anything could be seen as better as the people back home ...

  5. Figment

    I never knew what to do about friends’ ex-boyfriends. I mean, I knew not to have sex with them, have private conversations about your friend with them and all that obvious stuff. The idea started as she and I shared drinks over the finely lacquer...

  6. Right Down the Road (Mature)

  7. Shut Up, Stranger

    I was driving home down that long freeway that split and writhed into every which direction. My dad and grandpa always believed you could make it to Canada if you took it far enough. Really, their guess surprised me considering they took it all over th...

  8. Where Mexico Goes At Night

    There was never a scarier moment than when my tio made those sharp turns toward the field and there was that moment when the jeep swiveled around and the darkness was so thick, the high beams could not tear through it quick enough. My tia was waiting f...

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