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I’m an old school ficlet user just found this site.



  1. Waiting...

    I’ve only worn this dress once before and I do look great in it. I’ll make him wish he never said those things about me. He’ll be begging me to take him back. I’m getting lots of attention from this older man at the bar, doesn&#...

  2. He's texting me?

    So what I’m not a princess? That’s what he said he liked about me. So what if I “hang” with the guys? Chicks get on my nerves. So what if I don’t own a dress? I would still look good in one. Men are assholes. I think I mig...

  3. Blahday

    Just another Blahday. I’ve counted maybe three hundred in my life. Just happy to get through it. When I look back at my life I don’t think I’ll remember this day. It kind of just gets filed away in the Blahday file. I think it’s...

  4. Frank's Bike (Mature)

  5. Everyone Needs More Billy Ocean in Their Lives. (Mature)

  6. Frank's Map

    Frank is a man with a problem. He has been doing drugs since the age of fourteen. First weed, than some pills that made him see things and finally needles. I’m not sure what kind of sweet venom he’s actually putting into his bloodstream. I&...

  7. Tuesday (Mature)

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