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  1. 2013

    …… …… ………. ………. You’re still here. ………………. …………. …

  2. trees

    [00:51] snykles: trees [00:51] snykles: oh oh oh oh the beatiful trees [00:51] snykles: how the glisten in the wind [00:51] snykles: wind [00:51] snykles: win [00:51] snykles: d [00:51] snykles: they remind me [00:51] snykles: of a soft spring evening ...

  3. Orange Gatorade and the Best Day of Summer

    Sometimes it’s better to keep secrets secret. ………………………..

  4. Past

    Burning diaries didn’t change the past …………………

  5. Anamia

    mia, love, i miss you i miss you so so much and ana, dear, where are you i miss your cold cold touch

  6. Nick (Mature)

  7. Hi

    If you are thunder, I am rain. If you are prison, I am key. If you are candle, I am wax. If you are shouting, I am whisper. If you are eternity, I am blink.

  8. You Haunt Me, Dearest...

    I want you to know I’m doing okay Even though I don’t often Fall asleep anymore And when I can, at long last, I dream solely of you And it scares me sometimes Since I know you’re long gone But you dwell in my mind And you live in my h...

  9. Liar

    I think I’m lying to make my lies fit with each other Like a jigsaw puzzle but I keep taking the pieces from boxes that don’t know each other

  10. lol.

    If I shared with you my point of view on how the world would die, I guarantee that you would see and be worse off than I.

  11. Image

    I want to reach inside your head Until my hands are soaking red To take the image that you see And bury it with the rest of me

  12. Read My Mind Next Time

    Engulfed in a single swoop, you’ve taken me over too easily again. Time grants us slack while we embrace each other’s presence. Disregarding the dysfunction around us, we warily blend into one. Frozen in my place, I watch your eyes intently...

  13. </3

    This is the kind of thing to bring an atheist to her knees and pray to strangers that it’ll all be okay

  14. Ocean

    Reunited, finally; but our time will be short My long lost friend, my other half My short lived summer romance A seasonal wonder, a temporal treat It’s so good to see you again I missed you like I have never missed another being I dream of you ye...

  15. Stop

    I want to stop competing with your stupid friends I want to stop dreaming of you every night I want to stop waiting for you to call me I want to stop caring about what you think I want to stop wishing for you all the time I want to stop wondering if yo...

  16. Secret Door

    These concrete walls are bittersweet A definite curse, yet such a treat The people inside are so much more Outsiders seem like such a bore They can’t keep us in forever, though We know something they don’t know There’s a secret door t...

  17. A Note That Was Never Found

    Dear Worried Loved One - If you are reading this note, I am not here right now. Do not be scared. Do not be worried. Do not call the police. I am writing this note to spare you the panic of finding me missing. I have left the house to meet a friend in ...

  18. Disappointment (Mature)

  19. Ew, Metaphors

    You’re the toothbrush in my throat when I’m not sad You’re the flashlight that I can’t remember why I brought along You’re the fork in the road I come across every five miles You’re the worst detective in the entire ...

  20. Apple Of My Eye

    The ripest apple, the highest branch. The effort it would take. The time. The distance. Déjà vu. The distace. The distance. I have encountered a problem. How do I get to the apple. I cannot climb. I cannot call for help. I musn’t cut the tree d...

  21. Seventh Place

    Stop looking at her It hurts me, you know Whether or not I want it to show I’ve been by your side And she’s brand new I guess that my use Is all worn through Shes better than me I get it, it’s clear You disposing of me Is my greatest ...

  22. Replacement

    It was a dreary Monday morning when I walked into the office. I knew the rainclouds wouldn’t make for a very pleasant view from the windows on our side of the building. I couldn’t wait to see her face. I hoped to see a smile. She had the ki...

  23. Indefinitely Unrequited

    I long for you. I need to be with you. Every time we’re together I want to pull you closer. I could be everything you ever need. I wish you’d look at me like you look at him. Hold me like you hold him. I know it’s impossible, I know y...

  24. Seeing

    Sometimes I cast myself to wonder Of how the world could be If mirrors mattered not to us And we could really see

  25. Mia

    You take me over. You make me something I’m not. And if you were doing this to anyone other than myself, I’d fight you so hard. But I don’t. I let you walk all over me. I am completely aware of you. I know how you hurt me; I understan...

  26. Hate (Mature)

  27. Equilibrium

    Under again, she let out the oxygen through her mouth. Her body began to sink down. She felt the cold mud. She dug her hands into the bottom of the lake. Nothing was there. A pain developed in her chest as she kicked herself up from the bottom and gasp...

  28. Water

    For a moment she hesitated, and stepped back from the edge of the lake. Her thoughts caught hold of her, and she was lost again. An image of him all alone in the bed. She shook her head and brushed it away, as she took her first few steps into the dark...

  29. Sleeping

    She had left him sleeping. It was the calmest she’d seen him in weeks. She slowly removed herself from his side, as not to disturb the tranquility he seldom acquired. She wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do. She wasn’t sure about anythi...

  30. I'm Back

    Let me rise up from those ashes that you swept under the rug I’ve been gone for far too long, and although it’s not enough; I’d like to say I’m sorry for all the times you’ve felt alone All those times that you were crying...

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