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  1. Goodbye, World!

    Eulogy for East Seedling Island. Born: January 2007. Died: May 2009, of complications arising from a bad case of Windows Vista. We are gathered here today to say goodbye to the citizens of East Seedling Island. They were a varied and somewhat strange...

  2. You Don’t Always Need Protection

    Mommy is reading her list and talking to herself: “Cereal, ice cream, olives…damn, I forgot the stupid cucumbers.” She looks around the pet food aisle and then down at me. “Wait right here, Emily, I’ll be right back.”...

  3. Dreaming of You

    I still dream about you sometimes; the screams wake up my husband.

  4. Going for a Ride!

    Dear Diary, My mom and I went on a car trip a few days ago. I was really excited to be riding in the car and hung my head out the window for a long time and the wind blew my ears around. Then I brought my head inside and drank some water from my bowl a...

  5. Eye Wide Open

    My ear is being chewed. The saliva is matting my fur and the stitches holding the inner and outer pieces of my ear together are beginning to unravel. She’s hiccuping now, not crying anymore, and there are longer spaces between bites. Her gnawing ...

  6. Quandary

    I look down at the bedraggled cluster of neon yellow feathers that Gib so blithely calls a duck suit. Even as I watch, a serrated yellow plastic oval detaches itself from the main mass and floats to the floor. “Come on, Gib. The duck suit sucks: ...

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