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I’m a new to this whole writing thing. I’m also a shy little bookworm, in love with poetry and adventure stories. I want to improve my skills as a writer (duh!), but I also want to make friends. I am a reserved artist that enjoys singing, sketching, painting and writing poems. The thing I love most is reading!!! I am reading 24/7/365. I am never without a book.

Message me if you want to make me happy! I’d be more than happy to be your friend too!!!

Feedback from more experienced people and peers is very much appreciated.


  1. Till My Soul Stood Still

    Love, it strolled right past me. It was not the tall and dark prince I thought of so many times, but it was right at the norm. I was stripped till my soul was trapped in love’s tide. But still it passed me by. I ran, sailed and flew to find that ...

  2. Stealing the Sun

    That sweet solitude, In the serenity of the sun. Laying unabashed with no one to intrude, No more problems of the past to outrun. First the light touches upon my skin, Then it begins to pleasantly burrow Until it warms me from within. Muscles held tigh...

  3. I, the Moon

    You are the Sun, and I the Moon. You chase my darkness. I bring you gloom. Monsters howl to me. To you, angels fly. Your light burns through me. You’ll only grow brighter as time passes by. While I merely exist, you are a worshipped being. Why, o...

  4. Kinder Horizon

    Days come and go, Black and white, Smiles lost long ago, Taken by winter’s bite. Of love and war, Lies a dove, Wings that could not soar, Hopeful eyes look above. Love and sentiment purged from the land, Hope dying like a weak flame, Broken bodie...

  5. I Still Love You (Mature)

  6. The Kind Stranger

    The blue sky wavers On top of my heavy brow Weights push and press me So small like a bead. Shoulders bent low to support the weight of the world. A hand reaches out I take it reluctantly. My shoulders lifted. Concentrated eyes Look toward a kind stran...

  7. The Candle That Burned From Both Ends

    Call me a liar, When I’m telling you the truth. Always I am in ire, Too serious for a youth. I can see now that you are sick. But that doesn’t mean your words don’t hurt. Your burning from both ends of the candlestick. I tried to tell...

  8. I'll Learn How To Fly On My Own

    These chains surround me. Lighter than air, But rooted like a tree. They push and press. They block my way. I push back nonetheless. I’m stuck, immobile. Demons crowd around my ankles, But I crawl on with head held high and noble. I drown in my o...

  9. Der Tanz (The Dance)

    On a soft summer night, In a valley of chance, Warm hearts glow so bright, Souls of the night ready to dance. Where trees grow tall, And rivers held pregnant, Ears so silent listen for the call, Breaths held still and stagnant. Finally, the silence bro...

  10. The Skin I Cannot Escape

    I erased myself one day, Of all the colors on my skin. I molded myself with clay, Shutting out what’s within. I became an empty slate, My character anew. Not yet stained by sin and hate. And in this form I grew. I grew until the clay, it cracked....

  11. Pangea

    Smile to the one who forgot how. Laugh with the one who knows no such sound. Befriend the one who sits so solemnly. And rejoice that you’ve been given a life, To help those who wade in strife. Be the sun to someone’s night. Be the song to s...

  12. Ms. Nobody

    I’ll tell you all my drawbacks; My strengths I do not know. The path I walk leaves no tracks. The largest of footprints will not show. I am Ms. Nobody with two dear, old friends. On morning walks No One greets me as I pass by. The dearest of my f...

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