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Male. Aged 18-35. (Jr.) Copywriter. Uncomfortable. Shrimpy. Carbon. Some hydrogen. Understanding. @Grinning. Wait. What? Is that a mature content filter!? I THOUGHT this was a site that encouraged creativity, not one that stiffened it! That’s so lame! I am so sick of this hyper-conservative, Puritan Americana corporate oppression! Censor this Ficly! "I knew a guy named Rick / he had at tiny (LIMERICK REMOVED: ERR MSG #8233-A353).


  1. Mom in Target Department Store

    “I’m not seein’ three kids here. Where my three kids? Git over here! Git! Jeffery Marlin. JEFFERY MARLIN you put that down! Put it down right now! Missy. Get off there. Now. NOW Missy! Missy, I don’t care. Missy please. JEFFREY!...