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I’m here to learn more than anything. I look forward to sharing, reading and becoming a better writer. I also look forward to participating in everyone else’s experience here.


  1. Apple Monday

    Smacking, wet lips smile grotesquely. Small pieces of his Monday morning apple become even smaller inside his gaping mouth. He can’t swallow fast enough to keep up with the constant flow of saliva and juice released from the grinding of his molar...

  2. Dirty Feet

    I stared at the chipped pink polish on my toenails as I stood in bare feet on the sidewalk. I knew it was best to stay quiet, so I kept my gaze fixed solidly down. It occurred to me then just how dirty my feet were, I must remember to wash them. Stop-I...

  3. Single

    One word in giant black letters read: “Single?” The billboard seemed accusatory and offensive in undertone. To him, the question presupposed that if the answer was “yes”, something should be done (and quickly) to rectify the sit...

  4. Window

    A few strands of hair tickled the inside of her ear as she stood above the sink washing dishes. She lifted one shoulder slightly and tilted her head toward it to move the annoying culprit. She stared at the tile rooster in front of her and thought how ...

  5. Loser

    “I can’t do it, ok! I tried and failed, leave me alone!” “You can’t say that, you only tried one time….don’t just quit. View it as practice for the next interview.” “You’re making it worse! I&...

  6. Pickles

    “Jackson hated pickles too.” She immediately regretted letting the words escape but it was too late. She felt overwhelmingly guilty. She had said it to convince her lunch partner that she had come to terms with what had happened, but could ...

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