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41 year old child seeks similar friends.enjoys the simple things in life.loves the Lord and enjoys good music,good food and good books-mainly about filmstars from yesteryear.Three lovelyboys.one lovely husband and a pretend daughter who steals all my stuff!!!


  1. POEM OF MY YOUTH before I had a reason to hope

    This life is short and it is sour, Every minute,every hour. To suck, drain us, bleed us dry, To shatter dreams and make us cry. To make us scream and shout with rage, Imprisoned words on a turned back page. We feel so hurt,who can we tell? From deep wi...

  2. Friends.

    He buttoned his coat up tight and wrapped his scarf twice round his neck. The cold was penetrating through his shabby layers and pinching the delicate flesh underneath. His threadbare tartan car blanket was draped over his knees. It wasnt nearly enough...

  3. In death not as in life (Mature)

  4. The world should stop.

    There was a time when I enjoyed the cheerful sound of the dawn chorus. I loved to hear the way the birds greeted the new day. Not now. I just lay here wishing they would stop the damn melodic chirping. It hurts to hear their joy. I close my eyes now to...

  5. Black Dog

    The beads of sweat were trickling down his forehead and his teeth were so tightly clenched together his jaw felt sore and swollen. He sat bolt upright and dared to glance in the corner of his dimly lit bedroom. There it was! He rubbed his eyes as if he...

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