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I’m an impulsive, neurotic, self-absorbed, overly-sensitive, occasionally-introverted chatterbox (oxymoron’s are my forte, dude) with a penchant for using unnecessarily big words as well as a somewhat unhealthy love for crossword puzzles and Sudoku. I’m a student by day and a self-professed word-nerd (David Cook! :D) by night, as well as [occasionally] mid-afternoon.

I love to write more than just about anything, except for maybe listening to music.My personal space bubble is so small it’s almost non-existant, and as a result I tend to forget it exists and treat other people like human jungle gyms. I’ve also been described as a chipmunk hopped up on crack and a bon-bon in the same sentence, which I think says something about me, though what I’m not entirely sure.

(On a not-so-side note, I’m completely in love with My Chemical Romance/Gerard Way in a complete un-ironic (but not creepy!) way, and apparently have a thing for short, hot, tattooed dudes who can play guitar. Who’d’a thunk it?)


  1. Let's Unwrite These Pages and Replace Them With Our Own Words

    She’s not dead, but she’s as good as gone, and you only wish you had more to remember her by. But you don’t, and you’re frightened that one day, you’ll forget her completely; face fading into a blur as the darkness at the edges of your mind a...

  2. Let's Compare Scars, I'll Show You Who's is Worse

    You stand shakily, lifting the book from the floor with trembling hands, struggling to remain calm. You fight the urge to turn and look; a quick glance over your shoulder shows that she’s already gone, body remaining in the world of the living while ...

  3. Are We Getting Closer or Are We Just Getting More Lost?

    Everbody hates me, nobody loves me, might as well go eat worms. The words of the childish rhyme echo through your mind and you choke, words bubbling up only to be swallowed back down again, and then again until you can almost feel them burning a hole i...

  4. Am I Still Your Charm or Am I Just Bad Luck?

    You’re five. You stand at the edge of the creek, bare feet inches away from the water, body tense with anticipation and excitement as you wait for the signal. A shout comes from somewhere close behind you (“Come on Stephanie, go in, the water’s f...

  5. Poor Little Fool

    he’s got a scar on his forehead where his halo fell down and the moon shines down on this hollow town but I can’t see a thing eyes like a confessional, words that sting like bees I’ve told you things I never even dared to speak the on...

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